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The process for creating a new motorcycle gear collection usually begins with observing the current trends within the motorcycle industry: the current colors being used, the bikes the gear will be developed for. The design of new riding clothing is generally in response to the newly released motorcycle models as well as the personality of the particular rider who will purchase the bikes.

But we wondered what the process would look like if we could turn that around. What if we had the ultimate REV’IT! bike to design a collection around? If there were no limits, what would we create? And, when creating the bike, would the bike design be influenced by our gear, or would the bike influence the gear we design?

Will thinking outside our own field of expertise bring about a whole new vision of what riding apparel should be like?

Our mission is to design clothing that improves the rider’s experience. Our engineers relentlessly research manufacturing techniques and new materials in order to create gear that enhances and improves the rider’s experience. Now we ask ourselves: How can we improve the rider’s experience on the motorcycle? How can we add more enjoyment, more comfort, more delight? What terrains can be conquered? How fast can we go?

The desire to change is born from dissatisfaction with the status quo; the urge to create something better. Innovative technology and smart mechanics have made motorcycles complex machines over the years. Technology is hidden beneath the frame and fairing of the motorcycle, unseen and unknown. Our goal is to create a motorcycle that displays its DNA and form, just as the stitching in our gear is visible to the world.

When the riding experience is the focus, what if a means to trust and understand the workings of your machine was created via pure transparency? A bike that features today’s technology on display, in a simple and authentic presentation. That is our vision of the ultimate bike: highly functional, a clean and straightforward design, with those parts that will improve the riding experience on display.

And when the sky is the limit, anything is possible. Any destination is reachable on two wheels, no terrain will remain unconquered. This is just the beginning of our quest to build our ultimate motorbike. Self-repairing tires? A foldable BBQ? If you can dream it, you can achieve it. So let your mind ponder the possibilities and ask yourself: What would your ultimate motorbike feature?


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